Saturday, 25 December 2010

New Gown project DI 1

I have a second gown on order for a lady named Di. She also chose the Queen Mary gown, but wanted it in a fabric that looked like a lovely blush pink colour. Upon arrival, the fabric was a vibrant orange. Yes, not pink, orange. Nothing like the photo. In my entire conversation with the owner of the company, while I described the fabric as pink, pinkish red, and blush coloured, he never once mentioned that it was orange, not pink. He only said it was 'darker' than the photo. I had to return the photo at a loss of £4.70 for their shipping, which they won't refund, and at £7.20 for return shipping. I am not impressed. At ALL. The original photo is this

The colour is closer to this above, only a little more brown. I was definitely NOT happy. Anyways, after that fiasco, she opted for cotton velvet. I managed to find one that set me back about £65 but it is, to me, a pretty light gold/fawn colour, and is fairly thin pile, but soft, easily workable, and pretty. I also found a satin backed silk dupion mix fabric in a slightley darker version of the pink tones in the first fabric, and it is gorgeous! I also found some lovely braid trim in the same colour and some ivory braided trim, as she liked the colours of my white gown in the Mary gown listing on etsy. The gold velvet I found is a bit less yellow than the gold in my gown, but the ivory colour is the same. I still am awaiting confirmation from her to see if she would like to use the silk fabric in the blush pink, which I think would look awesome! But it's her gown, so we'll see!!
The trims, satin backed dupion, and the cotton velvet

Random sketches for decorating with the braid trim. I will be using #3 from above for the bodice, with different sleeves....

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