Monday, 27 December 2010

Gown for you, gown for me...

I'll be putting some photos up here soon, but for now this post is only going to be text! I went to the fabric shop again today to get more of the satin backed dupion (false silk dupion) in the peachy blush colour, and I decided, on a whim, screw it, I'm going to grab some for a gown for me! So I got some of the same in a copper colour, and in an emerald green colour, and will soon be making myself a STUNNING gown. After I finish everyone else's. I am going to go more ornate with the sleeves and be making a partlet so I grabbed some 100% silk paj, a very fine, soft floaty silk in cream that I'll be using for my gown, my partlet, and for Di's gown, to puff through the slashes in her sleeves. I have been asking my hubby for about a week now to bring the vacuum to the top floor, but he's away for the day now so I guess I'll have to get off my butt and do it. The top floor has bits of faux fur littering it from a velvet pirate frock coat I'm working on, or was working on, and the green habutae and the gold velvet for the two gowns will not really look great covered in what looks like little hairy spider legs. Not to mention it will be a pain to get it off.

For now, I'm off to take a tiny nap, then when my daughter wakes up, a bit of cleaning, vacuuming, then I get to start ironing out the fabrics and laying out the pattern and cutting!

Photos and sketches to come soon....

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