Sunday, 26 December 2010

Gown updates Muriel and Di

Just got in contact with Di, she loves the blush silk so I can use it! I'm so excited, I love that fabric, I'm going to get another metre of it just in case, and some very thin muslin as well for inside the bodice and for the mock-up. She wants sleeves like the ones in this portrait of Isabel de Valois above. I am using a modified Simplicity payttern 3782, and making the pattern that is shown in the red gown on the cover. I have no idea whatsever how to do the longer black part of the sleeves in the portrait as I can honestly not see them very well, so I will be looking at other extant portraits from the period and trying to come up with a similar design. I already have a pattern mockup to try with the sleeves, we'll see how it turns out...

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  1. I saw the pattern 3782 working on it for wife, the collar was a little confusing, what would you suggest for interfacing. I am not using the boning and the material is silk duponi can you help