Wednesday, 6 October 2010

WHOOHOO!!! It's here!!

My overlocker that is, now I have to figure out how to use the darned thing....I have a Husqvarna overlocker that I'm still figuring out how to use, and it cuts the fabric as it sews. While this may be a great thing, I don't always use that function. Supposedly my new overlocker has a decorative flatstitch that won't chop the fabric so I may be able to add trims that way...but the manual is like, 5 pages long, so there is't a lot of detail. It is a reltively simple looking machine, it's the Sewland Ultra Compact Overlocker, and I got it for £33 including shipping, on ebay, so, not bad, let's just hope it's value for money....either way, later on tonight, after I've finished the laundry, dishes, and cleaned off my old sewing machine I've just sold for the buyer, I will begin to experiment....mwahahahahahaa. I could possibly getmy ghazee coats done, well, some anyways, I'm still waiting on trims and clasps...

So, before I completely screw everything up, does ANYONE know anything about overlockers??? Cause I don't. I sold my amazingly awesome Husqvarna Viking sewing macine because I messed up the tension and I don't know how to adjust it. Very simple supposedly, but I don't have a clue. Despite taking macine sewing lessons as a girl, I've done the majority of my sewing by hand.

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