Monday, 4 October 2010

New products listed on Ebay and Etsy, a temporary website and bellydance wear projects in production

So I own But I have to wait until Nov 18th to transfer it to another registrar so that I can point my domain to (the site builder I'm using) because the only one supported by the registrar scheme I've got is Google sites, which I would not reccomend to anyone as it's a pain in the arse! So....I guess I'll just have to keep myself busy making pretty things until November...that's when I've tentatively scheduled my first photoshoot anyways, so hopefully... at the moment my temporary site is at

On a more positive note, I have new stuff added to ebay & etsy!

Also, last night, I got a dark blue crushed stretch velvet sleeved ghawazee coat in a size 6-8 ready for embellishment and fastenings, a black stretch velvet sleeveless one in a size 10-12 and a burgundy crushed stretch velvet one in a size 12-14 ready as well. The dark blue one will be finished with light blue and gold braided trim and antique gold buttons, the black one will have possibly gold & red or red & fuschia trimmings and gold fastenings, and the burgundy one will be trimmed in roses, mauves and antique golds. I also have a green bra size 34B I'm working on, trimmed in cowrie shells, possibly copper/gold coins, gold braided trim, pearls and some green gemstone beads!

When I'm finished with those, I'll be working on a gold/ivory brocade Turkish vest, and I might be making it reversible, with red jaqquard on the inside. If this interests you, I can make it custom to your size and even add trims of your choice.

I also have a lightweight (read, danceable!) cobalt blue and scarlet red crushed velvet ready for making ghawazee coats if anyone has any custom requests, or would like more info, please ask!

Also, deep plum purple and light moss green satin is sitting on standby to be made into pantaloons....

Photos to come soon!

Oh, and I got my overlocker! I just need to get a sewing machine now....

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