Thursday, 9 September 2010

OOOOH the suspense is killing me. Almost.

Today, I had an interview scheduled at 11 at the Culpeper Herbal Shop in my local town. I was psyched! Sooo excited. Because there are only 2 places in town that I've found that I actually want to work at, one was a crystal & jewelry shop, and the other is the herbal shop. I already went in for what I thought was a fantastic interview at the crystal shop, I even dressed similar to my interviewers (not on purpose!) made jewelry like them, knew plenty about crystals both metaphysical and scientific things, I have retail experience and my selling attitude was the same as the company's. not to mention, ever since I was little my dad and I have gone out ''rock hunting'' collecting fossils, agates, crystals, and going to rock and gem shows and he's got a colection to rival a museums. so literally, I have been around them for a very large portion of my life. But I didn't get the job. Like, seriously, unless someone came in with a degree on crystals or WAY more retail experience than me, who else would be better qualified for that job? It's me selling one of the things i'm passionate about! I was gutted. But it may have been a blessing in disguise, as now, months later, the herbalist is hiring for the first time I've seen since I moved here! The minute I saw the sign on the door I thanked the heavens that I had brought my old Cv's with me (the only copy I had on me at the time!) and I popped in and dropped one off with a note to the manager saying how and I make my own remedies, teas, bath & beauty products and want to study to become a qualified herbalist. All completely true. I could so fit this job! And I want this job more than I wanted the crystal shop job. But, sadly, the manager isn't feeling well today so my interview will be rescheduled, to a date I will find out tomorrow. Argh. I am not extremely patient when I'm excited, but, oh well....I've been up since 7 am hoping I'd do well and get hired there. WISH ME LUCK!!!!

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